Fueling Student Engagement and Conversions with AI

Sept. 21, 2021  • Webinar 2 pm ET

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For eight years in a row, enrollment at U.S. colleges and universities has fallen. Researchers warn that the downward slope is about to get worse. When it comes to winning the hearts and wallets of prospective students in the months and years ahead, expect to compete on the basis of personalized experiences and anytime/anywhere access.

Learn how you can fuel student enrollment and engagement, as well as increase operational efficiencies with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). During this webinar you’ll learn how AI can help you:

  • Deliver instant answers and personal support to prospective students
  • Provide one-stop answers to inquiries that traditionally require contacting multiple offices
  • Track and anticipate trends—down to geographical areas, seasonal interests, or program-specific friction points—so you’re continuously upgrading experiences for prospective students and families
  • Enable higher-impact human connections by reducing staff load and alleviating burnout