The pandemic has accelerated a great winnowing process in higher education. Decisions made in recruitment, retention, and revenue management in the next 6-12 months will echo for years to come. In this difficult, uncertain time, leaders must find inventive ways to remain profitable and relevant to diverse stakeholders. What’s required are new strategies that elegantly blend new and old ideas in productive ways. 

What is the new normal in recruitment, retention, and revenue? What is the best way forward in an educational landscape that has shifted in so many obvious and not-so obvious ways? In this webinar, higher ed leaders will gain actionable insights and real-life examples of how to improve recruitment, retention, and revenue in a post-pandemic world, including:

  • Moving prospective students to a “Yes” with unconventional communications and reputable partner brands
  • Engaging and retaining students in remote or hybrid environments
  • Reducing staff load and wasteful expenses