Rah Rah Secures $2.8M to Launch Community Engagement System for Higher Ed, Filling Critical Gap in Student Life Software

Posted Jul 21, 2020

NEW YORK, July 21, 2020 – Rah Rah, a community engagement system for higher education, today officially launched its revolutionary enterprise-grade platform designed to help simplify and improve campus life for students on and off campus, regardless of the learning modality. To support its mission to make campuses more accessible, discoverable, and connected, Rah Rah also announced it has received $2.8 million in personal seed funding from Workday Co-Founder and Chairman Dave Duffield and Workday Vice Chairman Phil Wilmington – both industry leaders and visionaries for cloud-based systems for higher education.

The importance of higher ed student and community engagement has taken on new meaning in light of the pandemic and the hybrid of in-person and online learning for Fall 2020.

“Rah Rah responds to the times where today’s students have an incredible desire to participate, but need one personalized, aggregate view to access and act on the growing amount of resources across both physical and virtual campus environments,” said Wilmington. “Make no mistake, Rah Rah is addressing an enormous gap for higher ed institutions that have been searching for a connected digital experience to better understand and manage student needs as well as cut information overwhelm – to ultimately drive student success.”

Founded by CEO Cooper Jones and Chief Technology Officer Sam Allen in 2018 to be a campus wayfinder, Rah Rah has been developing its platform in stealth mode to provide easy, one-stop access to critical campus resources, groups and events that are relevant for students, administrators, faculty, employees and the campus community at large.

Rah Rah creates an entirely curated, refined and personalized experience. The moment the student or other user onboards, they are able to convey their interests. As they utilize Rah Rah, the application learns, becomes smarter, and more relevant. This data-driven intelligence will help improve the campus experience, increase campus utilization and drive holistic community engagement for all the stakeholders a university serves, whether that be in an in-person or online experience.

“Campus life is rapidly evolving, and students tell us there is information overload from the myriad of campus platforms and a lack of integration and relevancy. COVID-19 has taught us many lessons - one of which is how important community and relevancy is. Traditional student life software was designed for marketing or focused on one particular function like student organizations,” said Cooper Jones, CEO and co-founder of Rah Rah. “Closing this critical gap is the genesis of Rah Rah. We have built a technology solution that can keep up with the innovative changes required in student and community engagement now and in the future.”

Over the past 18 months, Rah Rah has worked closely with a diverse group of students and university administrators at more than 10 higher ed institutions of varying sizes to ensure the platform helps centralize resources, groups and events. Rah Rah is collaborating with forward-thinking university Design Partners to continue to test and validate the platform through a student-first design strategy and cooperative development.

As universities ramp up their digital transformation efforts to adapt to the new world of higher ed, Rah Rah is instrumental in helping future proof the delivery of student and community life services. This is essential to helping institutions maximize their investments and set up their increasingly diverse populations for success.

About Rah Rah (

Rah Rah is a community engagement system provider created to simplify and improve campus engagement. Designed to make campuses more accessible, discoverable and connected, Rah Rah provides easy, one-stop access to critical campus resources, groups and events that are relevant for the greater campus community. Recognizing the opportunity for Rah Rah to address a gap in the campus engagement marketplace, software pioneer Dave Duffield co-founder and chairman of Workday, and Phil Wilmington, vice chairman of Workday, have strategically invested in Rah Rah, which was founded by CEO Cooper Jones and Chief Technology Officer Sam Allen in 2018. With a mission to unlock the value of campus life, Rah Rah is a privately held start-up based in New York City. For more information, please visit