EducationDynamics Announces Publication of Report on Adult Minority and First-Generation College Students

Posted Nov 30, 2020

HOBOKEN, N.J. November 19, 2020 - EducationDynamics latest report, A Survey of the Underserved Students Landscape, uncovers the latest information regarding minority and first-generation students and the best way to reach and engage these students while building an education ecosystem for success. The report dives into historically underserved populations within higher education and aims to help bridge the gap between these students and education success.

The research conducted for this report was sampled from a survey of 1,000 minority or first-generation students who have studied in an undergraduate program currently or in the past three years and were 22 years of age or older.

CEO of EducationDynamics, Bruce Douglas, notes, “Our aim for the Survey of Underserved Students Landscape report is to help support pathways for educational success throughout all populations. EducationDynamics is hopeful that with this report, higher ed leaders will gain a better understanding of minority and first-generation students and the best ways to support their needs. We believe this report is an incredibly valuable resource that will help better the future of education for students of every background.”

The report includes important information on primary factors that underserved students focus on when selecting a school, how employment impacts enrollment and persistence, preferred program formats and modalities and much more. Download the report now to gain more insight into the underserved students landscape.

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