Learn to Win Partners with Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group to Train First Responders on Demand

March 04, 2021

Learn To Win brings its mobile-first, active learning platform to power Fire Drills, which lets firefighters subscribe to the app-based training so they’re always ready for dangerous, high-pressure situations. Fresh off a $4 million funding round, Learn to Win was selected by Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group to build Fire Drills, expanding from its work with collegiate and professional sports and defense training to help ensure firefighters and other first responders are job-ready. 

“Clarion approached us seeking new ways to deliver their vast library of print and digital content. That vital information is now more accessible than ever to their audience of tens of thousands of fire and rescue personnel and made available for anyone who wants to train online with the Fire Drills product,” said Andrew Powell, CEO of Learn To Win. “Learn to Win transforms dense manuals, long videos, and other classroom-oriented training materials into quick and easy-to-learn lessons - which leave trainers and those on the job confident that everyone is prepared for duty when lives are on the line.”

Learn to Win is enabling all content within Fire Drills to be accessed through a subscription for any firefighter in the country. The content will include photos, videos, and interactive lessons for people at all career stages and specialties. Firefighters can access general lessons for primary skills and progress to advanced techniques for specific and potentially dangerous situations (ex. chemical or warehouse fires).

“Firefighting is about preparation - we train every day, so we all go home every night,” said Bobby Halton, Vice President, Education Director/Group Editor at the Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group. “For first responders, each day is different, and having a flexible training tool is a must. We’re thrilled to offer Fire Drills in partnership with Learn To Win because our lessons can now be accomplished anywhere, using a mobile phone, at the pace of each individual learner. This allows us to practice whenever we have downtime - we can get a microburst of learning in, so we’re ready when it’s go time.”

For any organization looking to train high-performance teams, Learn to Win’s platform offers:

--Agile lessons: Interactive, three- to five-minute video and photo-driven lessons are available on mobile for flexible, user-friendly learning. 

--Instructor Input: Intuitive web templates empower instructors to design interactive lessons as easily as creating a PowerPoint. 

--Fast Feedback: Dynamic analytics dashboards provide crucial insight into learners’ performance, allowing instructors to pivot or double-down as needed to ensure preparedness.

A flexible, template-based platform, Learn to Win is adaptable across industries and a crucial training tool for those who do not spend their days at desks. Since its launch, Learn to Win has partnered with leading collegiate and professional athletics programs, including the Carolina Panthers, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and many more; the U.S. Department of Defense; first responders;  and leading enterprise partners such as a top-three pharmaceutical company. For more information, please visit https://learntowin.us.

About Learn to Win

Learn to Win is an active learning platform that streamlines training for high-performance teams. Already a proven resource for athletic teams, businesses, and the U.S. Department of Defense, Learn to Win’s platform results in stronger and more effective teams through targeted sessions, well-designed lesson plans, and rapid feedback. 

About Clarion Events Fire & Rescue Group

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