Emerging Technology

Note from the editor

A new generation of digital technologies holds immense promise for instruction and operations in higher education, and their uses are as varied as the tools themselves.

Virtual and augmented reality, for example, make training accessible beyond the physical classroom, while the blockchain is giving students and employers alike easier access to verified credentials. Chatbots and nudges, meanwhile, use common digital tools to enhance connections between and among students and administrators. 

Yet just as technology can be an arbiter of access and equity, so too can it shut learners or even entire communities out. As higher education deals with the impact of the coronavirus crisis, colleges will need to be especially careful that technological innovation doesn't create an uneven playing field.

This report examines the opportunities afforded by these and other new technologies as well as the challenges to effectively implementing them.

As colleges continue to explore them, the industry will refine its approach, and we'll be examining the impact on higher ed.

–​ Higher Ed Dive staff

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