The Impact of Coronavirus on Higher Ed Enrollment

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The pandemic is driving wide-ranging changes in college enrollment as it stretches into another academic year — and another recruiting cycle.

The strategies and tactics colleges use to recruit students have evolved, particularly as an influx of federal relief spending allows for debt forgiveness and even free tuition programs. Colleges have used this development to try to boost both recruitment and retention.

Constraints on testing capacity propelled the test-optional movement to new heights. Now, important questions include whether test-optional admissions have staying power at their new, wider scale, and whether SAT and ACT scores will continue to be factored into much-maligned but still closely watched college rankings systems.

But none of these developments can change the fact that the pandemic had wide-ranging, often negative effects on who goes to college and which institutions they attend.

–​ Higher Ed Dive staff

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The Impact of Coronavirus on Higher Ed Enrollment

Colleges were already gearing up for a competitive recruitment and enrollment cycle. Then the coronavirus hit, closing campuses, disrupting admissions testing and making it near impossible for accepted students to visit campuses as they made their final selections.

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