Analytics in Higher Education

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College officials are analyzing a range of data to help their campuses chart a path forward in the uncertain era ushered in by the pandemic.

They are examining how students fared with online learning to determine how to improve instruction going forward. They're considering evidence-based strategies for encouraging students to reenroll. And they're weighing new data on how to build their classes to optimize revenue or how to evaluate a merger's prospects for success.

As colleges and universities try to prepare for the next normal, these tools and processes will be all the more important to student retention and success.

You can learn more about new and ongoing trends in analytics in the stories below.

–​ Higher Ed Dive staff

No, out-of-state students don't always bring in more revenue, new research suggests

An increase in nonresident students at public colleges was linked to a decrease in per-student tuition revenue, a recent paper found.

• Published Sept. 3, 2021

What factors should college leaders consider with consolidations?

• Published Aug. 31, 2021

Enrollment woes could push colleges to use AI and data analytics: report

Educause's annual look at the use of new technologies in higher education shows how institutions are adopting the tools to attract and retain students.

• Published March 4, 2020

A nudge and a discount helped bring students back to college, study finds

Stopped-out students were 21% more likely to reenroll in community college if they received text message alerts and a one-course tuition waiver.

• Published Jan. 16, 2020

How 11 universities are using their 'collective scale' to solve higher ed's problems

Bridget Burns, the University Innovation Alliance's executive director, explains how the group is finding common ground and what other schools can learn.

• Published Nov. 4, 2019

Leveraging Analytics in Higher Education

As colleges and universities approach the looming demographic cliff in undergraduate enrollment weakened by the effects of the pandemic, newer applications for data and analytics will be all the more crucial for student retention and success.

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  • How higher ed institutions are deploying apps to track spread of the virus
  • Analysis of how students fared with online learning to determine improvements with instruction
  • Why utilizing AI and data analytics can help campuses adapt to the new normal amid a pandemic
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