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Note from the editor

Stagnant enrollment, a shift to performance-based funding and the public's concern about the cost of higher education was pushing colleges to focus on ensuring — and showcasing  strong student outcomes before the coronavirus hit.

The pandemic is adding a twist, requiring college and university leaders to consider how to ensure students are meeting learning outcomes as instruction moves off campus, where students have inconsistent access to the internet and computers and could be dealing directly with the health and economic impacts of the virus.

It also heightens the imperative around existing student success efforts, though the situation makes them more challenging to execute. They include integrating remedial education with the rest of the curriculum, tailoring support services to the unique needs of online students and adult learners, and offering students tools to manage their mental health. 

This report examines how colleges are implementing those strategies and their effect on student success. As colleges continue to experience the effects of the pandemic, we'll be looking at how these areas are affected.

–​ Higher Ed Dive staff

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