Crescerance supports Student Voice through The Lance Mobile App

February 11, 2013

February 10, 2013 New Milford, NJ

The Lance is an online source of news for New Milford High School and it’s community. Published by New Milford High School students, the site ( reports precise and unbiased information by using the newest technology and up to date software. Their mission: “We deliver all the news, by constantly updating, asking important questions, and allowing the truth to be heard. The sky’s the limit with the variety of information we provide.” You can follow them on twitter @TheLance_NMHS

As a company committed to connecting and fostering communication between schools, students and their related communities, Crescerance is proud to have partnered with New Milford High School’s initiative to empower its student’s voice through the online school newspaper.

The online newspaper is fed by stories and news generated by the students of New Milford High School. Apart from a very intriguing editorial, the website serves up insightful content through latest news, reports, articles, blogs on a slew of relevant topics, and themes revolving around school life such as sports, education events, recreation, games, multimedia, and much more.

Crescerance created The Lance App for New Milford High School in conjunction with its Principal Eric Sheninger and its Digital Journalism Advisor Jessica Groff. The app can be downloaded on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and Android based devices through the Apple App Store and Android Google Play. Through this app, students, parents, staff and other related communities can access and read the insightful newspaper on the go. Users can read news feeds, access photos and video content, check school calendars, read The Lance blog, and submit a story idea instantly.

“When Eric told us about his school’s student-led newspaper last fall, we knew we had to support the student’s work in some way. The students in this year’s journalism class have been instrumental in deciding what to have on their app and how best to make it a great resource for their fellow students,” says Alefiya Bhatia, former Educator and Founder of Crescerance.

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