ActivEd Showcases Groundbreaking Walkabouts Platform, Research at ISTE 2016

Posted Jun 27, 2016

Third-party trials reveal benefits of technology that increases student activity in class

Greenville, SC (June 27, 2016) – Walkabouts by ActivEd, the educational technology that helps teachers create movement-rich Pre-K through second grade lessons, showcases the ease and effectiveness of its online platform this week at ISTE 2016. ActivEd also reveals third-party research outlining how integrating movement in the classroom promotes cognition, academic achievement and improved behavior.


Walkabouts, a groundbreaking standards-based supplemental tool that increases movement during lessons, launched nationally earlier this year and is already in use in districts and schools across the country. Thanks to these early adopters, thousands of students of all learning styles are now moving and learning more.


“Walkabouts continues to demonstrate measurable benefits with regard to increased student activity, improved performance and decreased behavioral issues,” said ActivEd co-founder Dr. Julian Reed. “ISTE is the perfect forum to share Walkabouts’ philosophy and features, and the proven science that inspired them both, with innovative educators and curriculum specialists.”


Attendees of the ISTE conference are invited to demo Walkabouts at Booth 1311 and experience the ease with which educators can create and execute unique dynamic lessons with the intuitive platform. In just a few clicks, a standards-based activity is created and correlated in real-time to the users’ specific state standards. Lessons can then be played using existing classroom infrastructure, such as typical computer and digital whiteboard combinations. Other product features highlighted for ISTE attendees include integrated tools for assessment and coordinated “Walksheet” PDFs that help facilitate more active, embodied learning offline.


Dr. Reed’s presentation at ISTE will share strategies for integrating physical activity and embodied learning opportunities into modern classrooms, including the Walkabouts program. Reed will also share results from blind, third-party trials conducted by Iowa State University and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of California at Irvine about the use of Walkabouts to integrate physical activity in Pre-K to second grade classrooms. The research compared inattention and hyperactivity among students in control and intervention groups over an eight-week period.


The control groups were taught fundamental concepts through traditional, standards-based curriculum while intervention groups were exposed to supplemental Walkabouts lessons in addition to traditional curriculum. The results showed that children assigned to the intervention group improved significantly more compared to the control group in both inattention and hyperactivity. Students whose lessons were supplemented with Walkabouts experienced a decrease in hyperactivity and an increase in attention, demonstrating the platform’s positive impact.


A frequent lecturer and cited academic source for his research regarding movement and the brain, Dr. Reed’s presentation at ISTE details the positive impact of physical activity in early-grade education, and outlines strategies for integrating movement in the classroom to promote cognition, academic achievement and improved behavior while simultaneously addressing factors that contribute to childhood obesity.


“ISTE is the perfect place to share this exciting research,” Reed said. “The data validates what we’re seeing in classrooms across the country: that technology like Walkabouts can improve learning in more than digital, virtual ways. It has the power to bring learning to life physically, and to create the healthier, more active classrooms all students deserve.” 


ActivEd will be demonstrating Walkabouts at ISTE 2016 (booth #1311) at the Colorado Convention Center, June 26th—29th. Dr. Reed will unveil research in a presentation titled “How Movement in Classrooms Improves Learning, Behavior and Assessment” for grades Pre-K—12 on Tuesday, June 28 from 1:15—3:15 p.m. in the CCC Lobby D, at Table 26.


About ActivEd and Walkabouts

ActivEd, Inc. is a research-driven educational technology company founded by Dr. Julian Reed and Matt Ferebee. The company’s first product, a kinesthetic learning platform called Walkabouts, is a dynamic online tool that transforms math, language, and literacy standards into short, movement-rich classroom activities for young students. This groundbreaking platform is based on decades of proven research and makes it easy for teachers to create on-demand lessons that bring fundamental concepts to life through multi-sensory activity. Learn more at