Adrienne Smith, CEO of Harlem Hip-Hop Tours releases Blitz Champz – A football focused math game for students.

September 22, 2016

New York, NY, September 22, 2016:  Adrienne Smith, two-time tackle football gold medalist and national champion, and CEO of Harlem Hip-Hop Tours, an entertainment company specializing in educational tours and workshops in New York City, have released Blitz Champz, a math card game utilizing the game of football. As an entrepreneur, Adrienne’s love for education and football meshes together in this education card game incorporating math and football strategy.

"Blitz Champz is a fun and competitive card game that teach and tests football knowledge, strategy and math skills," said Adrienne Smith, CEO of Harlem Hip-Hop Tours (H3 Tours). Designed for ages 7 and up, players use offensive cards to score points, defensive cards to remove points and the first to score 21 or more points wins the game. “This card game is quick to learn and can be used in classrooms, taking only 15 minutes to play per game. Students can learn while having fun. Edutainment (educational entertainment) is the basis for most of my business ventures.” Adrienne Smith adds.

Adrienne, one of the most decorated female football players in the world, combined football, education and her entrepreneurial intelligence to create an affordable, fun and educational game that children and students can play and learn. Released earlier this month, pre-orders can be made on the Blitz Champz website or a downloadable print and play version is available at for immediate use.


Headquartered in New York, NY Harlem Hip-Hop Tours is an entertainment company specializing in tours of Harlem and New York City’s hip-hop industry. Founded in 2005 by Adrienne Smith and Shannon White, graduates of Columbia Business School, and perpetual students of travel and multicultural endeavors. Their purpose in starting H3 Tours was to create a positive force that promotes cross-cultural experiences and understanding.