Haleyville Elementary School Receives the Third Charlotte F. Lockhart Award for Excellence in Literacy Education

April 17, 2017

Reading Horizon honors Haleyville for its substantially increased achievement rate among young, impassioned readers   

(SALT LAKE CITY) April 17, 2017 — Reading Horizons (http://bit.ly/2pJ6C7e ), a multisensory curriculum used to rapidly increase reading skills, is thrilled to present the Charlotte F. Lockhart Award for Excellence in Literacy Education to Haleyville Elementary School (http://bit.ly/2omCOMD ). The award will be presented to Haleyville at a school board meeting on April 25th.

Since implementing Reading Horizons for all kindergarten and 1st-grade classrooms in the fall of 2015, this rural elementary school in northwest Alabama has seen its student achievement rate undergo a remarkable change. The most recent reports show that 100% of Haleyville Elementary’s kindergarten students are now on target for reading. And after expanding the implementation in 2016 to provide 2nd-graders with Reading Horizons Discovery®, a strategy-based reading program for K–3 students, more than 70% of both 1st- and 2nd-grade students have demonstrated improvement in reading since the fall.

The first two implementations were so successful that Haleyville is preparing to expand Reading Horizons Discovery® to the 3rd grade beginning in the fall of 2017.

“With the ability to read comes knowledge, and knowledge is power,” said Haleyville Principal Christy Bice. “Literacy is an invaluable, lifelong tool. Our classrooms are now filled with confidence and a renewed passion for learning.”

The staff at Haleyville Elementary, always dedicated to improving the reading opportunities for their students, took the foundation that Reading Horizons provides and built a school-wide literacy initiative responsible for these notable results. Combining their hard work and ingenuity with the curriculum, Haleyville successfully closed the achievement gap for its youngest kids and opened the door for their future.    

“We are very impressed by the achievement rate among Haleyville’s students,” said Tyson Smith, President of Reading Horizons. “This highly qualified team has transformed the entire school literacy climate, improving not only their students’ school environment but going the extra mile to help strengthen their home and community environments as well. We love to see students’ passion for reading nourished wherever they go.”  

After Haleyville’s literacy program was introduced two years ago, students’ success, interest in reading, and belief in themselves have soared. The teachers’ passion and vigor when working with the program equipped them to lay the foundation necessary for Haleyville’s reading efforts to succeed.

The Charlotte Lockhart award was created to embody the characteristics and core values of its namesake, Charlotte F. Lockhart. Nicknamed the “Biphonic Woman,” she was an exemplary educator and role model with a passion for teaching the world to read. The Orton-Gillingham-based method that Lockhart created is now the foundation of the entire Reading Horizons system. To honor her legacy, Reading Horizons grants the award to institutions and individuals who best exemplify the excellence in literacy education that she embodied and embraced.

The award is given on a quarterly basis. Previous winners include Neshaminy School District ( http://bit.ly/2mSsTSB ) in Pennsylvania, which was honored for its renowned reading intervention program, and Stanton County Elementary School ( http://bit.ly/2p9OaZ8 )in Kansas, which was recognized for its blended approach to reading instruction.   

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