LITLIFE ADDS ZINC LEARNING LABS’ ONLINE LITERACY TOOLS TO BOOST MIDDLE SCHOOL IMPACT: New app will provide digital content to supplement offline curriculum and engage students in independent reading

Posted Sep 06, 2017


New York, NY, September 5, 2017 - Great lit minds think alike. LitLife, a nationally recognized organization dedicated to innovative approaches in professional development for literacy education, and Zinc Learning Labs, a NYC-based startup that provides an independent reading platform, announced they’ll be joining efforts to achieve their shared mission of improving adolescent literacy.


Zinc Learning Labs will provide LitLife classrooms with access to its online literacy tools to supplement teaching and learning by helping students build skills, confidence, and interest in independent reading, along with strong vocabulary to support these endeavors. Developed by the renowned New York City tutoring experts at Zinc Educational Services, Zinc Learning Labs layers interactive games, quizzes, and tasks on top of thought-provoking periodical reading content to engage students across every reading level and personal interest.  Designed to foster transformative learning and college readiness, the online tool gives teachers the ability to differentiate and scaffold literacy instruction through a robust selection of diverse, leveled readings and vocabulary.


Zinc’s unique incorporation of vocabulary into independent and class reading bolsters reading success and growth across ability levels. LitLife’s COO, Talia Kovacs says, “With Zinc's focus on vocabulary, students are empowered to make meaning from the texts they encounter in the classroom. Teachers can use this fantastic resource to differentiate instruction and ensure they are meeting learners where they are to get them to where they need to be. Zinc is engaging, fun for kids and an invaluable resource for teachers. The perfect addition to our Reader's and Writer's workshop!”


Zinc supplemental nonfiction reading and vocabulary games - which are aligned to college readiness and state standards- have been customized for LitLife, making it easy for teachers to browse by text or LitLife unit to find the perfect companion articles and vocabulary to support the texts they’re using and skills they’re teaching in class.


“I’ve consistently seen that strong literacy skills are the common bond that successful students share and based my educational approaches on this principle,” Matt Bardin, CEO of Zinc explained. “Collaborating with LitLife was ideal given our shared mission to get every student not only reading well, but also enjoying it.”


About LitLife:

LitLife is a WBENC-certified Women’s Business Enterprise. Founder, Pam Allyn, is an authority in literacy education and a nationwide and world-renowned advocate and expert in home and school literacy best practices. She has written 27 books for educators, leaders, and families on topics such as reading, writing, family and community engagement, and the joy of learning. LitLife’s professional and personable consultants are experienced ELA teachers with proven success in the classroom. They possess a range of certifications: At the elementary and secondary level; in general education and special education; in English language learning; and in leadership and administration.


About Zinc Learning Labs:

Zinc Learning Labs empowers students with the college-ready reading and thinking skills they need by engaging them with diverse text, choice and gaming.  Harnessing the power of technology, they equip educators with detailed analyses of their students' literacy strengths and weaknesses, supporting data-driven instruction and targeted interventions.