Alive Studios Launches Augmented Reality My Letters alive Journal

November 28, 2017

This new book and free mobile app allow children to learn letters and letter sounds with mind-boggling 3D animals

(ATLANTA, Georgia) November 28, 2017 — Just in time for the holidays, Alive Studios, leading provider of augmented reality for early education, has launched the My Letters alive Journal and free mobile app. The new program uses the interactive wonder of augmented reality to bring learning the ABC’s to life, at a price that can’t be beat. For only $9.95, any parent or teacher with access to a smartphone or mobile tablet can give their early learner an immersive, 3D letter-learning experience.

“Early literacy can be difficult to teach because of how foreign it is to young and ELL learners,” said Cynthia Kaye, CEO and Chief Zookeeper of Alive Studios. “Without context or anything for children to engage with, flat symbols on a page do little to inspire understanding. The power of AR can turn the entire process into an extraordinary experience.”

With the simple-to-follow book and free mobile app, young learners have access to mind-boggling, 3D animals to help them learn all 26 letters and their represented sounds, proper letter formation, and even creative writing. My Letters alive Journal is designed for both at-home and classroom use. The Journals alive app keeps families or classrooms engaged with the Zoo Crew Alphabet music video, and empowers kids to take photos and go anywhere with the Letters alive animals. The journals can be purchased individually, and also in 20-packs for whole classes. My Letters alive Journal comes in pre-K and kindergarten versions to appeal to any young learner between the ages of 2 and 8, including at-risk, ELL, and special needs students.

“We are continually amazed by how augmented reality helps children improve by leaps and bounds in early learning,” said Kaye. “We wanted to find a way to offer that experience to as many young learners as possible. My Letters alive Journal is an immersive, affordable introduction to the alphabet using augmented reality; a perfect gift for the holidays!”

To see a video demo of the journal in action, visit the My Letters alive Journal page. The free app is now available on the Google Play Store and iTunes for download at any time.

About Alive Studios
Alive Studios is on a mission to help early learners become proficient in reading and math by 3rd grade using augmented reality. Their software is the first of its kind to incorporate this 3D technology into a supplemental, full-year curriculum. This emerging technology allows three-dimensional computer animations to be added to real life objects without the need for special glasses.

Alive Studios’ reading and math learning kits for classrooms are presented within a theme filled with animals, which ties science into every lesson. Each learning kit is filled with brain-based activities that utilize multiple teaching modalities for engaging all learners from ages 2–8, and are especially effective with English language learners, at-risk students, and those with special needs. To learn more, please visit

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