The Myers-Briggs Company Releases Open Access Student Success Platform for Post-Secondary Institutions

Posted Mar 30, 2020

The Myers-Briggs Company offers post-secondary institutions open access to student success platform, delivering virtual advising and supporting student enrollment and persistence

Sunnyvale, Calif., March 30, 2020 — Amid disruptions in student support services during this time of national emergency, The Myers-Briggs Company has announced the release of an open access offering for their VitaNavis® platform, a rapid, mobile tool for student self-discovery and exploration.

The offering is designed to help post-secondary institutions drive enrollment and retention by supporting students virtually at this critical time when they are making enrollment decisions, choosing their next semester course loads or preparing to graduate and enter the workforce.  Using validated and research-backed tools, the VitaNavis Virtual Student Success Package provides unlimited access to critical elements of the platform, including:  

The SuperStrong® Assessment: Predictive and data-driven, the SuperStrong assessment takes less than ten minutes to complete and helps personalize the learning experience, guiding students to discover and align their strengths, interests and values with programs, majors and related future occupations.

Exploration Tools: These tools help students develop the crucial self-awareness that drives informed decision-making around enrollment in programs that lead to future vocations. Additional tools help students navigate the complexities of the world of work through validated frameworks that are predictive of successful career outcomes.  

Advising Insights:  Advisors gain understanding of students’ interests, learning styles and how they work with others, enabling them to drive important conversations forward in a virtual setting.

Virtual Advising Guide: The step-by-step guide helps advisors work with students virtually to navigate academic and career pathways that are based on their SuperStrong results, promoting the self-awareness and exploration that drive informed decision making.

Through the VitaNavis platform, advisors can help students discover pathways aligned with their strengths, interests and values, and identify which students may struggle with online learning more than others. With that knowledge, advisors can work proactively to help those students adjust to virtual learning environments and provide personalized support.

“In times when colleges and universities are struggling to maintain high-touch relationships in a virtual world, we must work together to provide tools to help students persist and maintain a path to gainful employment,” said Chris Mackey, general manager for The Myers-Briggs Company. “At The Myers-Briggs Company, we believe that technology is a tool to scale human interaction and to make enrollment and advising conversations even more student-centric.  Open access to the VitaNavis platform is one contribution we can make toward that goal.”

Colleges and universities can sign up for the open access offering by visiting The VitaNavis Virtual Student Success Package can be up and running in 72 hours with no technical integration required and is accessible on mobile and in Spanish.  

About the VitaNavis® platform by The Myers-Briggs Company
The Myers-Briggs Company has a legacy of transformation. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, used by more than 50 million people worldwide, revolutionized the worker experience. The VitaNavis platform was engineered to extend that transformational power through an assessment-based self-discovery and career exploration platform that empowers students to make informed academic and career decisions based on their interests, passions, strengths and personalities. Combining insights from new self-driven tools such as the SuperStrong® and CPI 260® assessments, the VitaNavis platform helps students, and those that advise them, have more meaningful conversations and make more informed and intentional academic and career decisions. For information about the VitaNavis platform, visit:

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