Grand Valley State University Partners with n-Powered to Provide Students with Personalized Voice and AI Virtual Assistant

October 28, 2020
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Bringing a more convenient way to connect and engage with students in these trying times, Grand Valley State University has launched myBlueLaker, a new virtual assistant app, which will help students navigate campus, answer questions and much more.


[Boston, MA, October 29, 2020]-- In an effort to increase student engagement and participation this fall, Grand Valley State University (GVSU) partnered with n-Powered Inc. to bring students myBlueLaker, a Voice and AI Virtual Assistant app. The new app interface is a fast and easy way for GVSU students to get over 7000 answers they need anywhere, anytime, including building info, personalized registration and class details, grade updates, real-time transportation and dining information and so much more. This groundbreaking platform helps GVSU integrate and unify complex, siloed data and efficiently create customized mobile and web platforms that increase student engagement.


"With colleges and universities going more digital than ever before given the pandemic, it's becoming incredibly important to increase student engagement with the students safely and digitally," said Somen Saha, President and CEO at n-Powered. "By working directly with Grand Valley State University, we were able to provide an instrumental and personalized communication tool that meets the needs of the students and reduces the stress of a new semester. n-Powered brings students closer to having their questions answered - and augments the university's ability to help students take off the cognitive load anytime and anywhere."


By leveraging the university's most essential and commonly asked questions, the platform can answer hundreds of questions about campus, dining, health, housing, student life, clubs and sports, building hours and more. More specifically, the app also allows users to connect to their student records and ask even more questions specific to their needs on campus. These questions can all be submitted from one place and without making a call or searching the Internet. The app is also able to use your current location information to provide directions to buildings and points of interest on campus and current bus route information.


myBlueLaker is available via a web browser, the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store. It is also unique to provide students with a personalized experience when they log in with their campus username and password. This personalized experience allows students to check their registration status, access grade information, get information about their class schedule and other important information. 


Through this partnership, n-Powered brings a first-of-its-kind platform that takes the student's cognitive load off and allows them to concentrate on what is most important - education. Unique in its application, the platform provides students access to campus announcements, updates, and alerts, including more personalized features like class schedules, finances, academic status, and much more. This customized approach helps GVSU respond to the student questions accordingly, even with limited staff.


Users can give feedback to the app via a simple thumbs up and thumbs down response interface, and the more users interact with the app, the better myBlueLaker will be able to understand user needs. Overtime, myBlueLaker will continue to improve. As users ask questions, the application will learn more about the information they need. Both GVSU and n-Powered will work diligently to make any necessary updates and ensure that the platform works for students in real-time. 


About n-Powered


n-Powered is the leading voice and AI virtual assistant provider that creates life-long engagement with students. Its offering brings real-time harmonized data to students reducing cognitive load via a unique and secure platform. n-Powered puts a security-first focus using cloud technologies. Fully GDPR and FERPA compliant. Headquartered in Massachusetts, n-Powered's platform saves Universities thousands of dollars each year in personnel and resource costs. Founded in 2018, n-Powered works with universities nationwide, including Northeastern University, Grand Valley State University, Texas A&M Universities and many others. 


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