Archasol Introduces Solar Outdoor Amenities to Enhance Safety and Security on Campus

March 10, 2021
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Janice Dobson
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BOZEMAN, Mont. —

Archasol recently launched a new range of solar path and roadway lighting, solar illuminated signage and solar powered outdoor workstations designed to promote a safe, well-connected and sustainable environment for college students across the nation. Solar amenities like these, which can be installed simply and affordably, are proving to be particularly useful right now as budgetary cuts due to the COVID 19 pandemic are impacting capital expenditure programs.

“At Archasol, our primary focus is to encourage and promote the uptake of solar powered utilities, safety in public spaces, a more active outdoor lifestyle and an overall more connected community,” says Janice Dobson, Business Development Director at Archasol. “We exclusively supply products that are solar powered - path and street lighting, charging stations, workstations and bench seating, all featuring the most up to date design and technology, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers. One of the outstanding advantages of solar products is that you can install them wherever you want, no expensive trenching, no wiring, no electricity bills.”

The SolarPost 100 pathway lights are designed to emit bright, focused light to illuminate dark pathways. They can be installed in almost any location since no trenching or connection to the electric grid is necessary. For larger pathways or roadways, the mid-height SolarStreet light poles (7’ to 13’) include similar features to the SolarPost 100 pathway lights, including a proximity sensor which only brightens the light to full output on approach. With both models of lighting, solar cells are incorporated on each side of the square aluminum poles, to achieve a high-power generating capacity without the need for large overhead solar panels.

“Solar powered lights are also a great way to improve the visibility of outdoor signage, especially where connection to the existing power grid is difficult or unviable,” continues Dobson. “Our stand-alone SolarCase illuminated display cases are an ideal place to post notices, news or event schedules around your campus where maximum visibility is needed, both day and night. You can also simply retrofit existing signage with SolarBoom, our low-cost exterior solar strip lighting that you can easily fix to any exterior sign.”

Another Archasol product, with even more solar powered features, is the 'Scandik’ outdoor workstation. This multifunctional utility is capable of charging phones, powering laptops, illuminating a workspace and above all, providing a safe after-hours location for students to work or simply relax with friends.  

With students becoming more and more concerned about climate change and sustainability issues, solar products like these demonstrate a visible commitment to green initiatives and present cost-effective options for enhancing security and encouraging outdoor activity on campus.

Archasol is a division of Archatrak Inc., a national supplier of porcelain pavers, wood deck tiles, deck support systems and site furniture, established in 2004. Archasol was formed specifically to promote solar powered products which demonstrate a commitment to the use of renewable energy. Our solar lighting products combine sophisticated technology with superior quality, excellent design and outstanding performance and reliability. Visit us at