Wiley Gives $100,000 in Grants to Help Students Stay the Course and Advance in their College Careers

April 20, 2021

Hoboken, NJ – April 20, 2021 – John Wiley and Sons Inc., a global leader in research and education, today announced a new grant program providing emergency assistance to help students overcome financial challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic and continue their college careers.  

Wiley empowered instructors and advisors to nominate a student experiencing financial hardship to be considered for the Stay the Course grant. Beginning this week, the program will award 200 students a $500 grant to help alleviate stress and clear pathways to their success during an unprecedented school year.

One instructor nominated “a young mother of two toddlers, who returned to school to enter the mental health counseling field. In Fall 2020, her financial situation changed due to the pandemic and she was contemplating not graduating, as expected. [This small grant] would help her enter graduate school in the Fall.

Another advisor nominated “a first-generation college student… passionate about becoming a secondary math teacher… and not only one of my best students, [but also] known for helping her peers during class and in the math lab. Impacted by the pandemic, “she lost several family members, and she lost her job. Since then, she has gotten a night job working in a medical factory. She does her school work during the day, takes care of her siblings and cousins, and works all night. She is one of the hardest working people I have ever met…and would greatly benefit from this grant.”

Studies suggest that lowering hurdles for financially-challenged students— including by providing emergency aid and financial incentives—can help them enter and persist in college, therefore empowering new populations of learners to pursue the fields that are driving our global economy. ‚Äč Through the Stay the Course grant program, Wiley is tangibly addressing barriers to equity and providing at-risk students a boost to persevere.

Wiley’s Stay the Course grant program reinforces Wiley’s commitment to supporting instructors, empowering learners, and - ultimately - providing better, more accessible, more equitable education. This program follows on the heels of the company introducing Wiley Advantage Pricing last year, lowering the cost of course materials and putting achievement within reach for all students.

For more information, please visit: www.wiley.com/network/the-wiley-network/wiley-stay-the-course-grants-supporting-equity-in-education.  


Nominated students must currently be enrolled in a course using a Wiley product (WileyPLUS, Knewton Alta, zyBooks) or college program that is supported by Wiley Education Services. This grant is limited to students who attend U.S. schools. Of the qualifying nominees, 200 will be randomly selected for the grants.

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