PROSPECT: Connecting Students to Their Dream University

May 20, 2021

SKILLMAN, N.J. (May 20, 2021) – The Enrollment Management Association (EMA), a nonprofit organization that provides professional support, advocacy, and strategic tools to K-12 independent school enrollment offices, announced today the launch of its newest product, PROSPECT, a comprehensive, opt-in student and parent database available for licensing by accredited higher education institutions. PROSPECT offers information on more than 60,000 private day and boarding school students and their parents, allowing universities to identify and recruit students starting in the ninth grade.

“We’re excited to announce the launch of PROSPECT—the first recruitment tool of its kind that marries student and parent information to offer universities competitive advantages in marketing to prospective students,” said John Williamson, director of global business development at EMA. “Not only does PROSPECT contain student and parent information, it also primarily focuses on private day and boarding school students who have strong aspirations for obtaining a bachelor’s degree.”

PROSPECT includes student and parent information for families that have opted-in and provided their informed consent to participate, beginning with rising ninth graders through graduation, enabling universities to create more robust marketing campaigns to attract top academic candidates. Accredited higher education institutions have access to PROSPECT’s user-friendly portal where they have the ability to filter student information to fit their specific criteria, including geography, interests, gender, SSAT test score percentile ranges, and other demographic information.

By enabling colleges and universities to better target highly motivated students whose interests and preferred criteria match those institutions, PROSPECT also helps students find the right higher education fit.

“Families benefit by learning about the higher education programs that align with their preferences and aspirations much earlier in the college-planning process,” Williamson said. “With more time for those all-important conversations about the future, their children can better navigate the high school experience in preparation for applying to their dream college or university.”

PROSPECT is updated in real-time with new family information added throughout the year, as they opt-in to participate when they sign-up for a variety of EMA’s services, including admission test-taking, applying to schools via the industry’s premier standard application, and more.

“One of the key features about PROSPECT is that the dataset will only continue to grow,” Williamson shared. “For this coming academic year, we anticipate having more than 60,000 students with their parents’ information, but within the following two years, we expect 120,000 student records.”

PROSPECT also offers users customizable data options for accredited colleges and universities, meaning schools can choose to purchase the dataset that is best for their university. Designed for organizations inside and outside the United States, the platform offers a variety of filters that can be applied to the data, which includes international students and female- or male-specific lists for single-sex institutions. Given the variety of filters that can be applied to the data, PROSPECT’s annual, subscription-based model allows universities to choose the price level that best fits their needs.

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The Enrollment Management Association (EMA) is a nonprofit organization that provides professional support, advocacy, and smart, strategic enrollment tools to the enrollment offices of more than 1,300 independent schools. EMA has several products to help support enrollment offices to better understand students holistically, ranging from standardized tests to character analysis tools. One such product is the Character Skills Snapshot, which is an online assessment tool that provides schools with a more comprehensive view of each applicant. It measures attributes, such as initiative, intellectual engagement, resilience, teamwork, and many more. In addition, EMA administers more than 70,000 Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) administrations to potential private day and boarding students annually. EMA’s mission is to provide unparalleled leadership and service in meeting the admission assessment and enrollment needs of schools, students, and families.



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