The Black Box of Content: BibliU and Eduventures Team Up for Upcoming Webinar on Digital Engagement

December 03, 2021
Press Contacts
Kate Achille


WHO: Learning Enablement technology provider BibliU and Eduventures, a research and advisory services firm

WHAT: Will host a webinar exploring the results of a recent research project.

WHEN: Thursday, December 9, 2021, at 1 p.m. ET

WHERE: To register, visit


Driven by the pandemic, the shift to digital content opened up the opportunity for universities to finally understand how students interact with course materials. But the ability to use such learnings to inform strategy begs the question: with this information available, how will universities track student engagement? Moreover, what are the best practices for doing so? BibliU and Eduventures will share the answers during this upcoming webinar, based on findings from a recent research project. 

BibliU and Eduventures will explore what is already happening and discuss possible areas of improvement. Presented by James Wiley, Principal Analyst for Eduventures, this webinar will examine the current state of student engagement with digital content, including best practices for measuring that engagement. Attendees will hear about the advantages of measuring student engagement with content related to retention and learn more about the BibliU approach. To register, visit


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